June 26, 2024

このたび、2024年7月1日をもちまして、Thomas Kaponen が代表取締役を退任し、新代表取締役として Mats Klaar が就任いたしましたことをご報告申し上げます。


マッツ クラールから就任のご挨拶

Viedoc has recently made a change in its executive leadership. Thomas Kaponen, who started up our business in Japan in 2008, is about to retire. One of Thomas-san’s success factors was that he quickly understood the Japanese values. Being respectful, paying attention to details and always in good spirits, he gained trust in the Japanese market. It is with great humbleness that I, Mats Klaar, will succeed Thomas-san as representative director for Viedoc Japan K.K.

As a vendor for organizations conducting clinical trials and PMS trials, our guiding star is that Viedoc shall be of highest standard, always, and make our customers’ life easier. Viedoc is today used world-wide 24/7, and we understand the value of operating with a platform that is available and free from issues.

Even though I have been to Japan many times, it is true that I have a lot to learn about the Japanese culture and the success factors. But I have great trust in my colleagues that work hard every day to meet, or even exceed, the expectations of our customers.

I sincerely hope you will continue to have trust in Viedoc and support us in our journey, where continues improvement is on our roadmap.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any feedback or questions.

Mats Klaar